Tuesday, October 5, 2010

63,000 Doctor Shortage Coming

The Association of American Medical Colleges recently released estimates that doctor shortages would be 50% worse in 2015 than forecast. This means we will be short 63,000 doctors, and that's just in the next 5 years. It's expected to get worse.

Is there any surprise here? Was Congress not warned time and time again during the healthcare debate? This train wreck is going to barrel down the expected socialist course and any combination of the following will happen:

1. Government will enact risky legislation get nurses (2 yr education)acting as doctors (11 yr education)

2. Government will start screwing around with medical school--taxpayers footing tuition bills as an incentive for prospective students, easier graduation requirements, subsidies, faster graduation and/or residency requirements, etc.

3. Government will bring in doctors from other countries (not uncommon in socialized medicine)

Notice that all three paths involve "government" fixing a problem that they started. Let's pray that November 2nd can put America on a new course

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