Thursday, October 15, 2009

ALERT: Democrats to Violate Cogressional Rules to Pass Unpopular Single-Payer Health Care Bill

In an effort to circumvent a full house vote, democratic leaders announced that the healthcare legislation might be packaged with other budget bills which would allow the legislation to pass with 51 votes as opposed to the 60 that's normally required.

"They're doing this because they know they don't have the 60 votes required," argued Sean Hanity. "It's pretty clear that's the only reason. So, to get this all straight, they don't allow members to read the bill before voting and now they're circumventing the legislative process to accomplish their goals. It seems the liberals have forgotten what the word democracy actually means."


  1. Obama's promise "transparency when he is in office", yeah right! Conyers favorite line, "How can we be expected to read the bills that come before them", maybe he can't read. Come on, this is just like the democrats to do the under hand thing. I am not surprised by any thing this president is doing, yes he wants to transform this country, my concern is, when he is out in 2012, will we be able to undo all this crap that he has done to make us a communist country, or will he declare himself a dictator so he can remain in power! Wake up people, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country! No longer a typing practice to me, but a call to fight for our way of life and the pursuit of happiness and liberty for all! Wake up!

  2. If the dems do this, there will likely be an uproar bigger than anything they've anticipated. They are not going to get away with using powers given by very constitution they spit on to manipulate the passing of this bill. Not when this much is at stake. What concerns me is that by the time the damage is done, none of them will be in power to be held responsible for cracking the country in half.

  3. I am insulted by political party hacks. The problem with -good- progress is that partisan loyalty gets in the way of the democratic process. The Constitution, ladies and gentleman, is simply a document that politicians vaguely allude to in an effort to maintain the illusion of individual rights and government service to people. The simple truth (and we all know it deep inside) is that the rich and powerful hold all the cards in this country. As long as they continue to pit common men against each other in the political arena, they are free to operate in the shadows and steal from us what are our God-given rights to life and liberty!

  4. I agree with you in part, kngofstngs. Your point that political parties have leading the common people along all this time to support legislation for the rich ad powerful is why the Republican party has splintered into grassroots groups. The conservative rejection of Scozzafava is just the first big result of that. There will be more. Conservatives are paying attention now and we won't stand for any more party hacks. We demand real fiscal and moral conservatives on the ballor or we reject them. I would love to see Democrats do the same, but all I see is more "Obama's going to pay for my car and morgage!"


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