Sunday, October 11, 2009

UK Public Option = Death Sentence: The Truth About Single Payer/Socialized Medicine

In Great Britain, the elderly are being denied treatment and left to die. Read how one woman had to fight to save her mother. Do you really want a system similar to this in America?

From Times Online:
AN 80-year-old grandmother who doctors identified as terminally ill and left to starve to death has recovered after her outraged daughter intervened.

Hazel Fenton, from East Sussex, is alive nine months after medics ruled she had only days to live, withdrew her antibiotics and denied her artificial feeding. The former school matron had been placed on a controversial care plan intended to ease the last days of dying patients.

Doctors say Fenton is an example of patients who have been condemned to death on the Liverpool care pathway plan. They argue that while it is suitable for patients who do have only days to live, it is being used more widely in the NHS, denying treatment to elderly patients who are not dying.

Fenton’s daughter, Christine Ball, who had been looking after her mother before she was admitted to the Conquest hospital in Hastings, East Sussex, on January 11, says she had to fight hospital staff for weeks before her mother was taken off the plan and given artificial feeding.

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  1. Ugh! Government funded or not, this is completely unethical! Those doctors and staff should be ashamed.