Saturday, November 21, 2009

$300 Million for Landrieu's Vote ( D- LA). Healthcare Reform May Pass Senate

This blog previously reported the $200 million in loan forgiveness for veterinarians that was included in the House health care reform bill to secure the vote of Representative Louise Slaughter (D-NY). Now, Harry Reid is spending $100 $300 million to buy the vote of Senator Mary Landrieu (D Louisiana.) They have inserted two pages of text into the bill to describe states eligible for a $100 $300 million extra Medicaid subsidy. The language excludes all states except Louisiana. Democrat Mary Landrieu, who had been wavering in her support for Obamacare, has unsurprisingly suddenly pledged her support to pass the legislation.

More at "The $100 Million Health Care Vote" (ABC) and Bluegrass Pundit.

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  1. If you go to New Orleans today, it really does not look like a massive hurricane went through there aside from a couple spots here and there. For those people and businesses that had hurricane/flood insurance, things were rebuilt or they moved to a safer state. For those that didn't buy insurance, they should not expect American taxpayers via the federal government to foot the bill for their new house. We should not subsidize poor planning and that's why this money should not go to Louisiana in any form other than charity. There is no place for these buy-offs in government, let alone in one of the BIGGEST bills in our nation's history.