Friday, November 6, 2009

AMA Obamacare Endorsement Sparks Doctor Revolt

The American Medical Association's much-touted endorsement of the House health care reform bill has triggered a revolt among some members who want the endorsement withdrawn.

Some members are outraged that the group's trustees made the endorsement without the formal approval of the organization's House of Delegates.

On Monday, delegates will vote on a resolution offered by some members that, if approved, will withdraw the AMA’s endorsement of the bill.



  1. I knew it! Not that the AMA really speaks for doctors anyway. The only medical providers I know who support these bills aren't actually the doctors themselves(the ones who seriously need tort reform which is not included), but their assistants. Yeah, the ones who don't own their own business or pay malpractice insurance and get paid the same salaries regardless of Medicare cuts.

  2. It goes without saying that the AARP endorcement also does not speak for old people. Obama is good at buying off organizations, but he can't buy off the members!