Friday, November 13, 2009

Abortion Funding Expected in Final Healthcare Bill

Hours after pro-life members of Congress managed to get a measure included in Nancy Pelosi's ObamaCare bill to keep taxpayers from funding abortion, pro-abortion advocates were vowing to push abortion in the final bill. (link, link) More than 40 pro-abortion Democrats wrote a letter to Pelosi demanding that the abortion mandate be included in the final bill.

Pro-life groups believe it is all part of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi plan to keep the bill moving forward and then push the real ObamaCare bill at the congressional conference committee when the Senate and House bills are reconciled. Conservative groups claim that the plan all along has been to use ObamaCare as a tool for a massive expansion of government power that includes oppressive mandates on all Americans - including the mandate that taxpayers pay for free abortions on demand.

There is plenty of evidence to suport their claims. Throughout the process, pro-life initiatives have been ignored and pro-life members of Congress are facing unrelenting pressure to "cave in" and support ObamaCare with its abortion mandate.

One pro-life Democrat said, "Speaker [Pelosi] is not happy with me," and then went on to say he is willing to lose his seat in Congress if that is a consequence of voting for life!

The strong-arm tactics are expected to increase dramatically over the next few crucially important days. The Liberty Counsel has launched this citizen petition to stop the ObamaCare Abortion Mandate.

[Adapted from a GrassFire alert]
The best argument I've heard on why abortions should not be done (outside of situations where the mother's life is in danger, or rape/incest) was given by this 12 year-old girl.
She experienced a lot of persecution for giving this speach too. Read the story here.


  1. Wait. I thought this was a HEALTHcare bill. That is, for better health and lengthening of life. So... why is murder going to be covered?
    Maybe I'm missing the big picture here...or maybe not. More likely the big picture is corruption, power and greed. It's backroom deals, political threats, mowing down morals and leaving dead babies in its wake.

    Someone needs to tell Nancy that the right to life comes above all. How much sense does it make to allow irresponsible women to choose who lives and who dies? These women already messed up on one major life choice. Why would we trust and support them in making an even bigger one, about someone else's life no less?!?
    This is clearly not good sense.

  2. Woopdeedoo. When I was 12 I thought Debbie Gibson was the best singer in the world. If this video carries any weight with you, you have the emotional intelligence of 12-year-old.

  3. BTW, Anonymous #1-- you forgot to finger the other "irresponsible" party when a woman accidentally gets pregnant. But I suspect you are a man anyway, so of course you would have the view that it is only the woman's fault and obligation to deal with.

  4. I think it's interesting that the only comeback you have for the video is "So...she's twelve. What does she know." Obviously more than you. You can't even comment on her points, you just attack her ad hominem. If you do respond, I hope you can contribute a little more to the discussion.

  5. Anon,
    Just because a fool says it's sunny outside doesn't make it night. I think it's telling that you disregard her information (and her sources) because she is younger than you. Talk about "shooting the messenger".

    As for your second comment, I actually am a woman and even though I know a man is equally responsible for a pregnancy, we all understand that no one "accidentally" has sex. (And don't give me crap about condoms breaking, etc. 3,700 condoms aren't breaking per day). To have sex is an adult decision that takes adult level responsibility and has adult consequences. If someone can't handle that, they probably shouldn't be having sex and risking pregnancy in the first place. If they do get pregnant, they should do the responsible thing and not murder (I don't even know why that has to be stated).

    Finally, since you jumped to a conclusion in assuming I was a man, might I then assume that since you're so offended, you are one of those irresponsible women (or teens) who had an abortion?

  6. Wow. I have seen this video a couple of times before, and I am swept away each time. How many twelve-year-old kids think so deeply about this subject? Her parents must be so proud of her for giving such a clear, intelligent speech! It is so inspiring to know that this strong-willed girl is unafraid to voice her opinion - she's already a great leader!