Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare Bill Bribes Read on Floor of House of Representatives

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) read off a list of bribes and kickbacks on that are still included in Obamacare on the House floor. Do the recipients of these bribes really think that they will go unnoticed by the American people?

Here is a partial list of the "special deals" included in the Health Care legislation currently being voted on in the House (c/o : American Daughter):
  1. The Louisiana Purchase: A state in which every single county qualifies as a disaster area will receive extra Medicaid funding. Louisiana is the only state that qualifies, courtesy of hurricane Katrina. This $300 million bribe purchased the support of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for the Senate version of the bill.
  2. Cornhusker Kickback: Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) won a provision that the full amount of Nebraska’s increased Medicaid costs would be paid for by the federal government. Essentially, he felt that the other 49 states (yes, Barack, there are only 50 states) should pick up the tab for Nebraska. That certainly violates the intent of the “commerce clause.”
  3. Gator Aid, Florida Flim Flam, Sunshine State Sweepstakes (this one picked up three names): Medicare Advantage participants in five states would be exempted from the general Medicare cuts — Florida, New York, California, Oregon, New Jersey. The estimated cost of this plum is $7.5 billion according to the office of Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), and Florida is the largest beneficiary, with the bulk of the affected senior population.
  4. Vermont Green: The Senate bill provides $600 million in extra Medicaid funds to Vermont, ensuring support from Independent Bernard Sanders (I-VT).
  5. Massachusetts Moolah: The Senate bill provides $500 million extra for Massachusetts Medicaid, a political move designed to put pressure on newly elected Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA).
  6. The Dodd Deal: In oh-so-innocent and unspecific wording, the Senate bill allows $100 million for “debt service of, or direct construction of, a health care facility,” at a public university. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) bragged that he was securing the money for the University of Connecticut:

    “These provisions will bring millions of dollars to the state so that Connecticut’s residents can receive quality, affordable health care.”

  7. Montana Earmark: Max Baucus (D-MT) secured a provision that expands Medicare coverage for people who live “in or around the geographic area subject to an emergency declaration made as of June 17, 2009.” That’s just one place, which the New York Times identifies:

    The intended beneficiaries are identified in a cryptic, mysterious way: individuals exposed to environmental health hazards recognized as a public health emergency in a declaration issued by the federal government on June 17.

    And who might those individuals be? It turns out they are people exposed to asbestos from a vermiculite mine in Libby, Mont.

    For a decade, Senator Max Baucus, Democrat of Montana, has been trying to get the government to help them. He is in a position to deliver now because he is chairman of the Finance Committee and a principal author of the health care bill.

  8. Bismarck Bank Job: This deal bought the vote of Rep. Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota, the state’s only House Democrat. Legislation to restructure the student loan program was included in the health care bill. It cuts all the banks that have been making student loans out of the program, except for one bank in North Dakota!
This is not including the senators and representatives who are bing offered cushy appointments in exchange for their cooperation.

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  1. This should speak loads about the bill. It never had enough support to pass without backroom deals. It's entire foundation is corruption.