Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupack "Defender of Life" Award Revoked

The Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund have announced that they are revoking its "Defender of Life" award to Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI), for reversing his decision on the health care bill after receiving a questionable promise by Obama that he will make sure abortion will not be funded by taxpayer money.

"We were planning to honor Congressman Stupak for his efforts to keep abortion-funding out of health care reform. We will no longer be doing so," Dannenfelser said. "Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this health care bill can no longer call themselves 'pro-life.'"

Stupak, who led Democratic lawmakers opposed to the Senate bill, made an announcement of a deal Sunday afternoon, surrounded by a handful of Democratic lawmakers who had held out their "yes" votes in exchange for Obama's guarantee of no public funding for abortion.

The arrangement appeared to cement passage of the Health Care government takeover.

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  1. We must remember that Stupak said months ago in a town hall meeting that he would vote for the bill if abortion was the only thing he didn't like about it. This is exactly what he did. We shouldn't be surprised. He is not truly interested in preserving life; it was all a show.