Tuesday, September 22, 2009

$67 Billion in Medicare/Medicaid Fraud - Problems with our Current Health Care

From Elaine Meckler of the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots:

How can there be $67 billion in Medicare/Medicaid fraud and waste? Do you know that $1 billion equals $1,000 million. How does this atrocity happen? Obviously, it just didn’t occur yesterday. Our current administration inherited a portion of it and this dire situation continues to grow and grow and grow. Did everyone involved put their head in the sand and just hope it would go away? Who is responsible? I don’t know how it got so out of hand, but I can guess. What I do know is that it has to stop. Kathleen Selibus is now Secretary of Health and Human Services in the current administration. I looked on the internet but couldn’t find out what qualifies her for this position. I would think that one of the qualifications would be that the chosen individual has an extensive medical background. What are the criteria for putting someone in charge of healthcare other than the President nominating her.

I am asking that the current administration get a handle on this horrible situation today, not tomorrow or in the future. There is no reason to have to wait for healthcare reform to start getting this intolerable mess under control. Fraud and waste are a bane on our society. If you or I committed any type of crime including fraud, embezzlement, theft, robbery, or just plain trickery, we would be arrested and thrown in jail.

I want individuals who work for the government run programs to be accountable. I want all agencies, contractors, insurance companies and doctors to be accountable. I am tired of everyone blaming everyone else. Medicare/Medicaid should be a program that helps seniors and people in need to deal with their medical issues. It should not be a program for thieves, swindlers and people just out to make a buck from other people’s pain.

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