Thursday, September 3, 2009

"No other option but Obamacare" a Lie! Free-Market Solutions for Healthcare Reform

There have been a lot of lies coming out of DC lately about the Obama-Democrat health care reform bill. One of the most ridiculous is that there are no other options but to scrap the current American health care system and create a medicare-like social medicine program to cover everyone. This could not be further from the truth!

Free-market solutions for health care abound, such as health saving accounts (HSA), minute clinics, increased insurance coverage options and extended nurse and physician assistant responsibilites. American healthcare is the best in the world because we encourage doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals to provide the best possible health care by rewarding them for their years of study and effort. The American way is for companies and professionals to analyse public demand and adjust prices and services to meet their needs. Socialist solutions like siezing money from the rich to pay for the health care of the poor, reducing the population by refusing care to the elderly and undesired pregnancies is not only fundamentally un-American but will not work. Europe and Canada provide perfect examples of the failure of socialized medicine.

Join us as we tell our country's leaders that we will not accept a healthcare system designed and run by the people who brought us the DMV and the IRS. Say "NO" to socialized medicine and "YES" to American health care.

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