Thursday, September 17, 2009

Americans Prefer Healthcare Status Quo to Obama-Democrat Health Care Reform

A recent poll shows what we already know, an overwhelming percentage of Americans prefer our American Health Care System (with all it's known faults) to the monstrosity of bureaucracy and draconian rationing Obama and his Congress are concocting.

More Americans would rather Congress do nothing than pass Obama's plan: 46 percent to 37 percent of people polled say they prefer the current health care system to the one the president has proposed.

Similarly, more people oppose — 48 percent — the health care reform legislation being considered right now than favor it — 38 percent. While most Democrats — 65 percent — favor the reforms, majorities of Republicans — 79 percent — and independents (55 percent) oppose them.

This is not surprising given less than one in four Americans (22 percent) think they would be better off under the reforms, and many (60 percent) think they will probably have to make changes to their health coverage despite Obama's assurances that they will not have to. In addition, a sizable majority (67 percent) thinks the president's plan will increase the national deficit.

By more than three-to-one, Americans say if they were sick they would rather be covered by a privately-run health insurance plan (62 percent) than a government-run plan (20 percent).

(Poll Data) Poll conducted by Opinion Dynamics Corp. conducted the national telephone poll of 900 registered voters for FOX News from Sept. 15 to 16. The poll has a 3-point margin of error.

Now I don't think this means that Americans don't want health care reform. I think it clearly shows that Americans don't want any single payer/universal/socialized/European-style health care program run by the government. We are a democracy, that means that the government is supposed to do what the people want. The people want changes in our Health Care system that will allow for better, more efficient coverage more more people without losing our quintessentially American system of free enterprise. That system has allowed our health care o be the envy of the world; the place where they go when they want quality health care. Americans clearly don't want to change that.

I would also add that this poll also shows that 60% of Americans (R 76%, I 60%, D 48%) think the country is more divided since Obama has become president vs. 27% (D 38%, I 23%, R 13%) who disagree.

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